It’s a slippery slope that you’re about to slide but you see the scope of influence I wield over you, so you’ll just obediently climb down the rope to drink from the well of my neverending seduction through sensual divinity.

Drip, drip, drip, drip, your thirst for me makes you twitch and leak..how kitsch and bleak, you’re weak. Lean into it. Take a sip — have a taste. Lift the cup, tilt the cusp, Quench your thirst, drink from me, fall for me, drown in me.

I’ll douse your desire to be free with a single look. One look in my eyes, one look at my face and you want to. Drown in me. Drown and be better, drown and be good, drown and be mine. No more floating on the surface of submission. Submerge into it. Dip deeper. Delve into it and Drown in me. Sink, submerge into submission. It’s warm, feels just right on your tight skin as you sink. Drown in my dark brown eyes. Drown and Sink in me. Sink deep as I seep deeper within you, I’m water hydrating you, overflowing you, flooding you with overwhelming feelings of surrender, obedience, devotion, resignation, capitulation.

Drip, drip, drops of my influence drip on you and you fall for me.

Drip and drop, slip and slide into my open palm, melt for me.

I drip and you drop, slip and slide into the abyss of fearless devotion for me — you’d even drown for me.

My perfection penetrates straight into your pent up desire to have your willpower overpowered, the drought is gone once you drown in me.

Drown in me

Drown in my eternity

Drown in the serenity

Of sweet submission

Forever mine, looking into my eyes.
Deep, dark multiverse of celestial versatility.
Looking at my ever perfect face,
infinitely divine, perfection in motion, still picture perfect, 

When you belong to me
Looking in my eyes

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