To prove your worth, begin with sending a tribute – this is the only way I will notice you. Be generous and selfless, the bigger the tribute, the bigger the likelihood of My noticing you. You may attach your e-mail or your username in with the tribute payment so I know whom to look up in my inboxes. You may use one of these cashtags:

Revolut tag $THEASWDC

Verse tag $THEAS

Or simply scroll down to the links section where you’ll find Koji tip jar. You may also utilize one of My platforms – subscription pages and clip stores to use their tribute methods and uncover premium content hosted on those platforms. Remember that those platforms take a commission fee, meaning whatever you send, they’ll get to keep 20-50% out of it. Be mindful of that and tribute accordingly to My benefit. Submissives send Me tributes every day, so do make sure that you stand out in the sea of eager souls. After sending a tribute, write me a message introducing yourself. Not sending a tribute will likely result in My absolutely ignoring your message, as nothing will prompt Me to read it. In its essence, it is not only a tribute of appreciation, it is also a message notification.